Other Ways to Volunteer

We are extremely proud to be a predominantly volunteer run and driven program with over 400 volunteers assisting recently settled families at any given time throughout the year.

To ensure we are always providing a high standard of service, support, tutoring, community engagement and training at all times we have one full-time Program Coordinator providing assistance to all our volunteers, families, communities groups and the Committee.

This is a big job and we depend on the generosity of volunteers who can come into the office during the week to help out on projects and keep the program running smoothly.

If you have one day a week, Monday to Friday, where you are able to come into our South Brisbane office and help with administration tasks, please let us know. We ideally need volunteers to commit to helping for at least 12 months as most projects are over a long period of time (or continuous).

Send our Program Coordinator an email via info.vortcs@svdpqld.org.au to see if this role is for you!