Tutoring Program Guidelines

In order for the program to work effectively and assist families to our best ability we require the below guidelines to be met:

  • The family is referred by an organisation representative or community member who is working with the family, not related or requiring assistance from VoRTCS themselves and can communicate competently with program staff and volunteers.
  • The family has been released from detention or settled in Australia for over 6 months and no greater than 5 years (some exceptions are made in special cases). If the family are seeking asylum, they may still be eligible for VoRTCS support as long as they have a stable address.
  • Two or more family members (including at least one adult) require ongoing weekly tutoring assistance and agree to participate in the program.
  • Areas of assistance are for improvement of Basic English language skills (conversation, reading and writing) as well as assimilation into the Brisbane community.
  • Request for assistance is not primarily for ‘private homework’ tutoring of children.
  • The referrer (case worker, teacher, etc.) for this family can facilitate and attend the first meeting between the family and allocated tutors, at a later date.
  • The family understands that tutors are volunteers and that they will be graduated from the program upon achieving an adequate level of English language skills and comfortably settling into the Brisbane community.
  • If the family is intending or has moved VoRTCS staff will be notified within 48 hours or prior to the next scheduled tutoring session.