The VoRTCS Program

VoRTCS is driven by the belief that everyone in society should feel welcome and a part of the community. VoRTCS is a unique program that links volunteer teams with refugee families for weekly home visits. These weekly visits promote English language skills, provide information about their local area and assist families to feel they are a part of their new community. Our volunteers find it’s a rewarding experience to form connections with a vibrant and diverse cultural group and see their family successfully adapt to life in Australia.

We do not require our volunteers to be experienced tutors or qualified teachers. Rather, we are looking for individuals who feel strongly about helping others, recognise the value in everyone working together and are able to dedicate roughly 90 minutes per week to their tutor group and family. If you are interested in joining VoRTCS as a volunteer, please head to the ‘Volunteer’ section. For a quick look at the program, watch the VoRTCS Program Video, below: