The VoRTCS Program

The VoRTCS program provides free in-home tutoring support to newly settled refugee families by allocating a team of volunteers who help all members in the household with learning Basic English language skills and assimilating into the Brisbane community.

We require that both parents and children in the family need assistance in these areas and participate in the weekly tutoring sessions. For the parents, this may involve conversation practice, reading and understanding forms or letters in the mail as well as life skills such as using public transport or maintaining accommodation. For the children, it may involve developing their limited reading, writing and speaking skills whilst helping them understand their school work tasks.

Tutoring occurs once a week for roughly 90 minutes either between Monday to Friday after 4:30pm or any time over the weekend. Once a volunteer team has been allocated to a family, they will inform the referrer of their available tutoring session time.

We do not require our volunteers to be experienced tutors or qualified teachers and therefore family’s requiring support beyond the ‘basic’ learning level (i.e. requiring interpreters, help with high school maths and science, university assessment, etc.) should seek assistance from trained professionals.