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Our VoRTCS Committee & Team

The VoRTCS Committee oversee the program in addition to the Project Coordinator. Most Committee members are active tutors or have been VoRTCS tutors in the past. Members serve as volunteers, often in addition to full time work, and come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Current Staff

VoRTCS Program Coordinator: Bianca Nisbet
Phone: 07 3010 1069


President Marion McMahon
M&R Committee
June Chandler
Vice Presidents Sally Stubbington
Treasurer Kathleen Ferrero
Secretary Lauren Barea

Committee Teams

Community Engagement Rachel Langford
Zoe Wood
Tina Kelsey
Vincentian Support June Chandler
Peter Richards
John Campbell

Training Teams

Training Team Leader Marion McMahon
Training Team Don McIvor
Katherine Hanna
Joanne Zhou
Mike Bartlett
Rachel Langford
Zoe Wood
Kelly Lawson
Tina Kelsey
Madeline Wild
Wei Shih