Introducing our 2015 VoRTCS Committee Members and Training team

New Committee Members – include Tina Kelsey, Zoe Wood and Rachel Langford.
They will be assisting with program communications as well as community and volunteer engagement.
Continuing Committee Members – Marion McMahon (Chairperson), Sally Stubbington (VP and Tutor Mentor), Lauren Barea (Secretary), Kathleen Ferrero (Treasurer), Peter Richards John Campbell and June Chandler (Vincentian Representatives)
New Trainers – include Tina Kelsey, Wei Shih and Madeline Wild
Continuing Trainers – Marion McMahon, Katherine Hanna, Mike Bartlett, Don McIvor, Rachel Langford, Kelly Lawson, Zoe Wood and Joanne Zhou
VoRTCS Staff – Bianca Nisbet (Program Coordinator)